Brain Buster

Can you crack the secret code? Play Brain Buster and find out!

About Brain Buster

Brain Buster is a clone of a board game called Mastermind. Back in 1977 Donald Knuth proved that it's possible to crack the code with no more than 5 guesses (given that the secret code has a length of 4 and that there are 6 colours to choose from).


Source Code

Are you curious as to how the code for this game works? You can find the source code via my GitHub account: Brain Buster GitHub repository.

Brain Buster is written in the latest version of JavaScript, known as ECMAScript 6 (ES6). This is accomplished with the SystemJS module loader, using Traceur to transpile to ES5. I've been using this project to play around with ES6 for the first time, so the code isn't necessarily a perfect example of ES6 usage yet!

Original Brain Buster

If you're looking for the old, Flash-based version of Brain Buster then you can find it here: Brain Buster (Flash). Though hopefully you find this modern JavaScript version of the game to be more compelling!